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  • Minor surgery lamp Iride
  • Minor surgery lamp Iride

    Scialytic LED lamp

    Direct light optical project with 18 LED

    Color temperature adjustment

  • Minor surgery lamp Iride

    Chair unit installation

    Floor installation

    Ceiling installation

    Wall installation

Scialytic lamp Iride

To guarantee perfect perception of the illuminated area, Iride provides the use of three different color temperatures: 3.800K, 4.300K, 5.000K. The design of Iride takes into account the aesthetic components without compromising on ergonomics, ease of use and cleaning. The high quality of plastic materials provides strength and resistance to the most common cleaners and hygiene over time, responding to the high standards required by the medical industry. All of these elements make Iride a lamp suitable for the most demanding user.

Iride meets the needs of different professionals:

  • dentists;
  • doctors;
  • podiatrists;
  • Scialytic lamp Iride
  • Scialytic lamp Iride
  • Scialytic lamp Iride
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Light technology

Scialytic effect
The effective optical efficiency of the Iride lamp is based on an innovative lens system with 18 LED sources that ensures a beam of light with wide scialytic effect that is shadow-free.

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Colour temperature adjustment
The light beam emitted by Iride is white and natural. For perfect perception of the illuminated area in every situation, the color temperature is adjustable and customisable with three different settings: 3.800K, 4.300K, 5.000K. A CRI factor (Color Rendering Index) of 90 points and maximum brightness of 60,000 lx finally are the guarantee of a lamp that doesnÕt strain the eyes.

Customisable light spot size
The innovative lens system with 18 LED sources allows the configuration of two different light spots of 18 and 30 cm in diameter.

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Reliability and life span

Heat resistant materials, inert to detergents and stable in time
The high quality plastics used for Iride are resistant to temperatures higher than those of normal use. Their chemical composition ensures an inert behavior compared to the most common detergents.

Long life span, low consumption and lack of noise
LED technology is synonymous with absence of heat and quietness. Dynamic cooling (fan) of the light source is in fact no longer necessary. Iride consumes up to 10 times less than a conventional lamp. The guaranteed life can exceed 50,000 hours.

Design and ergonomics

Iride, designed with uncompromising attention to ergonomics and ease of use, is a lightweight accurate lamp, suitable for the most demanding user.

Design also means working with a product close to everybodyÕs needs and suitable with its own lifestyle. Therefore Iride was created with two different spots, the option of adjustment of the color temperature, the possibility of ceiling or dental unit installation and finally a wide range of colors RAL(1).

1. RAL (Reichsausschuss fŸr Lieferbedingungen): international chromatic scale

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Technical specifications

Accordance with
93/42/EEC Class I - EN 60601 ed. 3 Class I
Light beam dimension
Two adjustments available: 18 and 30 cm (diameter)
25 W
Light intensity at 100 cm
Five adjustments available: min 6,000 - max 60,000 lx
CRI (Ra)
Colour temperature
Three adjustments available: 3.800K, 4.300K, 5.000K
Ultra violet radiation
Infrared radiation
Life cycle
÷50.000 hours


Code Application field
A dental, medical, podiatry
Code Installation set
C Chair unit
M Ceiling
Art. Color
9002 RAL 9002 (white)
9003 RAL 9003 (white)
9010 RAL 9010 (white)
RAL Customized

How to order

Specify the required configuration by adding the single articles. IRIDEAM9010 è is the complete code required to order an IRIDE scialytic lamp with: bright spot (A) - ceiling installation (M) - 9010 colour white RAL (9010)

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